AMS issue quarterly audits for the pharmaceutical markets in the following countries:

audits copy_Low2 Syria Audit audits copy_Low2 Syria Pharmaceutical Sales Monitor Audit
audits copy_Low2 Sudan Audit audits copy_Low2 Lybia Audit
audits copy_Low2 Palestine Audit audits copy_Low2 Iraq Audit
audits copy_Low2 Yemen Audit audits copy_Low2 Azerbaijan Audit
audits copy_Low2 Ethiopia Audit audits copy_Low2 Kenya Audit
audits copy_Low2 Iran Audit

The audits are designed to accurately reflect the quantitative sales
of the pharmaceutical products in the private sector. The pharmaceutical companies can benchmark their performance against their direct competitors on a regular basis as:

  1. Ranking of performance by both unit and value ( US$ and local currency) in terms of:
    a. Manufacturers
    b. Products
    c. Product form
    d. ATC classification
  2. Percent of the total market share
  3. Percent of the selected market share
  4. Growth
  5. Evolution

The source of our data is:

  1. A panel of pharmacies – representative sample – throughout the country which we visit on monthly basis to get their recorded products purchases.
  2. Actual sales data from distributors and manufacturers.

The data is coded, processed then analyzed by a computer program
and finally projected to the national level.

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