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Enabling Data-Driven Decisions

Market data in the Pharmaceutical Industry is arguably the most vital ingredient to plan and execute activities, where prices and advertising are heavily regulated. Data is not only important for strategic planning like new launches but also for tactical execution like growing market share or deciding on seasonal offers. Pharmaceutical business is heavily dependent on personal selling, which is an expensive complex tool. Data helps businesses monitor their sales performance, improve their sales force efficiency, create value for prescribers, dispensers and patients and achieve challenging targets.


Pharmaceutical Sales Monitors


AMSís core competence is making sense of diverse, uncertain and complex high-volume markets. We achieve this by working very diligently at acquiring data by:

  • Randomized scientific sampling.
  • Projections based on very careful statistical analysis.
  • Validation by obtaining actual data.
  • Continuously assessing and improving our methods.

AMS issues quarterly sales monitors for the pharmaceutical markets in:


  • Libya since 2007

These monitors are provided in the form of an easy-to use proprietary software.

The data is collected at SKU level (Stock Keeping Units) in volume and price. This provides AMS database and software with power to generate any kind of data.
This data can be whole country sales in billions or an ophthalmic gel in a few units or dollars.
The legacy of back data can provide unit and value growth at any period from one quarter to one decade.

AMS Sales Monitors are designed to accurately reflect the quantitative sales of pharmaceutical products in the private sector and show ranking of performance by both unit and value (US$ and local currency) in terms of: Manufacturers, Products, Product form, ATC1-ATC4 Classification, % of Total Market Share, % of the selected market share, Growth and Evolution.


Custom Market Research Studies

Whether your companyís objective is to gain in-depth information about the market conditions, its competitors or the new opportunities out there, or if you simply need feedback on your productís performance from prescribers or users; AMS will design a fully customized market research study tailored to your exact needs.

Powered with our teamís hands on experience, extensive coverage of the Iraqi Market and our Pharma focus, we have helped many organizations to gain a competitive edge in their decision making process based on research outcomes.

Our custom market research studies have helped our clients to answer key questions related to:

  • Price Optimization.
  • Portfolio Analysis.
  • Commercial Capabilities.
  • Distribution Channel (Dispensers).

These answers served in the strategic planning process at both the corporate and business unit levels.


Syndicated Medical Rx Monitors


The Medical Prescription Monitor is a quarterly study published by AMS in the Jordanian market with the purpose of providing Pharmaceutical Companies with a qualitative tool to measure the performance of their Medical Representatives and that of their competitors. It is a very important measure of the promotional message reaching the doctors as well.

Data is provided by top Medical Insurance Companies in Jordan and processed by an advanced program to map the patientís journey from visiting a physician, to diagnosis, prescription, re-visits, brand substitutionÖetc.

The data can be displayed by physician specialty, by diagnosis, by molecule, by product or by physician.

Medical Prescription Monitor will be soon available for the Syrian Market.


Pharma Insights


Pharmaceutical companies need in-depth insights on the current trends and topics influencing the industry worldwide and shaping its future.

AMS team of executives and consultants thrive to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, technologies, markets drivers and dynamics so as to offer their clients regular and timely insights relevant to their businesses and territories.

AMS insights cover new product launches, products in pipeline, breakthrough innovations, new FDA approvals, changes in the regulatory environment, future outlook and more.


Market Access Strategy


With the continuously changing regulations and the high entry barriers to most markets in the region, Pharma Companies need to develop solid and dynamic market strategies that are based on deep understanding of the needs, drivers and the regulatory environment in each market.

AMS helps its clients to identify the best route to market, create data-driven market access plans and to implement their market access strategies.




Supporting Delivery and Execution by Skills Development

AMS offers custom training courses for your teams to help them understand and analyze
market data and develop customer insight.
Our training courses are designed to match your teamís needs in terms of time, content and
delivery method (They are offered on-site or online as per your request)

Examples of previous trainings undertaken by AMS

  • Consumer Psychology
  • Customer Buying Behavior
  • Key Account Management
  • Business Acumen
  • Pharmaceutical Brand Building
  • Basics of Marketing
  • Marketing Planning for Pharmaceuticals
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Price Optimization, the Quick Approach
  • Value Building in Pharmaceutical Offerings
  • Launch Readiness: Medical, Marketing, Regulatory and Sales Task Forces
  • Market Research Data Sources