Who We Are

AMS Advanced Marketing Statistics is a Jordan based Pharmaceutical Market Research company that was first established under the name of Global Market Research (GMR) in 1999, currently producing Pharmaceutical Audits in the Middle East and North Africa market.

AMS conducts various market research activities related to the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Currently publishes quarterly audits for the following countries:

  • Syria (SyrPSM) since 1999
  • Syria Institutional(SyrISM)
  • Sudan (SudPSM) since 2007
  • Iraq (IrqPSM) since mid 2010
  • Kurdistan (RegionalPSM) since mid 2013
  • Libya  (LyPSM)since 2007
  • Palestine (PalPSM) since 2007
  • Ethiopia (EthPSM) since 2015
  • Kenya (KenPSM) since 2015
  • Iran (IranPSM) since 2015

AMS also plans to enter Qatar markets in Q4.16  .

Our list of clients in these countries include GSK,Sanofi,AstraZeneca,MerckSerono,EliLilly,Novartis,Novo,Abott,Roche and regional companies like Julphar,Tabuk,Hikma and a number of Syrian manufactures as well .

AMS is a member of ESOMAR and follows all strict measures of Ephmra during the publication of its auduts.

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